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Accessorize your promotional mugs for maximum impact

Good quality, well designed and superbly printed mugs are what we’re all about here at Mug Shop but to make your branded mugs really stand out, there are a number of accessories that may be considered.

Stuff them with a t-shirt

Presenting a promotional mug with a matching and complementary t-shirt has become an increasingly popular and fun way to enhance clients’ messages and underline their brand. Round necked t-shirts work best in this regard as they are usually made of lighter cloth that can be rolled-up or scrunched to fit nicely inside a promotional mug.

Imagine your customers’ delight when they open up your mailing or presentation box to find not just a branded mug but a t-shirt that they can wear to the pub!

Fill them with sweets

Another very popular way of enhancing your gift of a promotional mug is to fill them with confectionery. There’s a wide range of sweet delights to choose from: chocolates are forever popular, as are jelly beans, mints, boiled fruit-flavoured sweets and seaside rock.

No matter which option you choose, all can be branded with your logo and message and are sure to make your gift of a promotional mug a memorable one.

Tea bags work too

Tried and tested mug fillers are tea bags or coffee sachets. Like the aforementioned sweets, tea bags and coffee sachets may be printed with your branding message and offer an added incentive for the recipient of your promotional mug to put it to good use right away.

Contact us for more ideas

The mug-filling ideas above are just some of the way that you can increase the impact of your promotional mugs.

For more ideas or if you already have an idea and wish to see it realised contact us of 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk

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