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Americano mugs: Home grown!

Americano mugs have been around a number of years now but their popularity still grows. This is not surprising when one considers their numerous practical and environmental properties. Resuable, robust and recyclable these mugs are also made in the UK. What’s not to like?

Americano mugs – UK made

The fact that the mugs are UK made means that they have an extremely low carbon footprint . In this regard, they trump similar mugs that are made in and imported from the Far East. What is more, they are are produced in a zero to landfill factory in North-West England. Some from recycled materials.

Reusable mugs: reducing plastic usage

The complete Americano range of mugs is reusable. Made from robust and durable materials the mugs are truly long-life items. This means that you can use them, refilling them, time after time. Take them to your favourite coffee shop next time you visit. Thereby reducing the use of single use plastic!

Antimicrobial version

The new Americano Pure 350ml mug is antimicrobial and contains Biomaster antimicrobial technology. This unique treatment provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms on the surface of your mug. This is effective for the lifetime of the product, and doesn’t affect the recyclability of the mug.

Wide range available

As well as the standard 350ml size, the Americano range incorporates several smaller versions. For example, there is the 300ml Cortado which has a fashionable, glass-like appearance. The Espresso with 250ml capacity. Then there is the Medio, a smaller version of the standard, at 300ml volume. Finally, the Antimicrobial version mentioned above.

To finish …

We won’t repeat all the benefits of the the Americano reusable mugs range as they will be obvious from the above.

However, if you have any queries, would like a sample or wish to know prices contact us by email or call 01437 781978.