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Americano – the perfect takeaway solution

The Americano range of takeaway mugs has grown!

A reusable solution

Americano - the perfect takeaway solutionThe Americano range of mugs is a great answer to the ever-growing mountain of paper takeaway mugs and cups churned out by the relentlessly-spreading coffee house and fast food establishments. Why? Well they can be used indefinitely, so when you next go to your favourite food outlet, take along your Americano and fill it up, aglow with the knowledge that you are contributing to the welfare of the environment.

Unrivalled selection

Such is the popularity of the Americano that it has spawned a a range of styles and sizes to suit a range of budgets. The original Americano is still going strong and is now complemented by the Americano Grande (pictured left), the Primo and the Medio.

Hot or cold

Whatever your favourite beverage, whether hot or cold, the Americano range is a perfect answer and the large print areas available ensure your message will really stand out.

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