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Why Promotional Mugs are a Great Corporate Gift This Christmas

Why Promotional Mugs are a Great Corporate Gift
As the festive season fast approaches, we take a look at why promotional mugs are a great corporate gift this Christmas. Currently, many business owners are thinking about how to reward employees for another year of hard work.
There is, of course, the obligatory office Christmas party, which gives everybody a chance to let their hair down. Lots of workplaces hold raffles and many have embraced the American ‘Secret Santa’ tradition as well.
Still, nothing beats a little treat from management as staff head home for the holidays. Promotional mugs are an ideal choice…


Join in with National Refill Day 2019

National Refill Day is taking place today, Wednesday 19th June. It’s a public awareness campaign that helps prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from polluting our streets and our oceans. 

The rise of reusable drinkware

Today, people are being encouraged to carry a reusable water bottle and refill on the go. The campaign asks the UK public if they’ve #GotTheBottle to prevent plastic pollution by switching from a single-use plastic bottle to a reusable one.

Show your support – use the hashtag

On social media, use #GotTheBottle to show what steps you’re taking to make a difference. If just 1 in 10 people in the UK refilled just once a week,…


New catalogue – great new printed drinkware!

Lo-cost Natural Take Out Mug

As we celebrate the launch of our brand new 2019-20 catalogue we take a look at the new branded drinkware that’s been added to our range.

With the huge current focus on reducing the circulation of single use plastics, our new range heavily features re-usable drinkware. There’s also a heavy focus on eco drinkware.

Drinkware for People on the go

Starting with the Lo-Cost Natural Take Out Mug. This 500ml capacity mug is great for people always on the go. It’s ideal if you’re a regular coffee shop visitor and like to use your own cup. Made from…


Make the most of your promotional mugs

Here at Stupid Tuesday’s Mug Shop we have innovative technologies and print processes to make sure you make the most of your promotional mugs. It’s this innovation that enables you to create a truly bespoke campaign, which your clients will want to keep for longer.

If a customer keeps the mug for longer, this means you’re more likely to see a return on your investment. This underlines the importance of investing in branded merchandise. The results are far more striking than with other conventional forms of advertising.

Endless possibilities with Photo Mugs

Endless Possibilities

PhotoMugs really do stand the test…


Mugs: Branded merchandise that stands the test of time

With the help of some recent BPMA research, we’ve been taking a look at how customers make the most of branded merchandise in their marketing campaigns.

The survey took place at Marketing Week Live in 2015. It was completed by attendees of the event, most of whom are regular buyers of merchandise for their respective organisations.

Raising Brand Awareness

The results of the research show that the vast majority (around 7 in 10) of marketers use merchandise to raise brand awareness. As popularity has increased over recent years, many believe it’s how branded merchandise helps make your brand memorable that really…


Waitrose to stop using disposable coffee cups

Waitrose is to stop using disposable coffee cups in a move the supermarket says will save 52 million cups a year.

Around 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every year. Most of these are not recycled due to their plastic lining.

Disposable Coffee Cups mean free coffee!

Waitrose aims to remove disposable cups from all its stores by the Autumn of 2018. However, members of its loyalty programme will still be able to enjoy free coffee from self-service machines. This is, however, as long as they use their own reusable cup!

We have a great selection of reusable cups…


Drinks Bottles Deposit Return Scheme

People in England will soon have to pay a deposit when they buy drinks bottles and cans in a bid to boost recycling and cut waste.

Designed to increase recycling rates

The deposit will increase prices – but consumers will get the money back if they return the container.

The scheme will cover single-use glass and plastic drinks bottles and will deposit encourage the return of used bottles to stores for recycling.

It is estimated that bottles can be recycled into new plastic up to 12 times. Therefore, it’s easy to see how the environment will benefit from the drinks bottles…


Refill, Re-use

Refill and re-use Plastic bottles: Free water refill points rolled out to cut waste.

Shops, cafes and businesses will offer free water refill points in every major city and town in England by 2021. The move comes amid growing concern about the effect of plastic waste on the environment. Refill stations and public fountains will be able to be found via an app or window signs pointing people in the direction of the nearest one.

Get ready with re-usable, long-life bottles

The best, most environmentally-friendly way to fill up with free water is to have a re-usable long-life bottle, such as those…


Reusable Takeaway Mugs fight the war on waste

Millions of takeaway coffee mugs are thrown away and go to landfill every year. Our range of reusable takeaway mugs can help reduce this waste mountain.

A nation of coffee drinkers

Britain has always been known as a tea drinking nation yet in recent times coffee has increasingly become the beverage of choice. Indeed, it’s a fact that British people drink more than 25,000,000 takeaway coffees every day! Every day that’s 25,000,000 cardboard cups that need to be disposed of.

What a waste!

What happens to this vast number of used takeaway cups? Well, the majority are thrown away and go to landfill;…


Lower Prices on Finger Grip Sports Bottles

Special prices now available on 300ml, 500ml and 750ml Finger Grip Sports Bottles.
300ml bottles are ideal for schools and children in general
Super useful for schools, our 300ml bottles are now available at new lower prices. You can now buy 100 for £1.22 each, 250 for 99p each and 500 for just 89p each (excluding origination). Great quality and super value!
500ml is the most popular size for sports bottles
The biggest selling bottle is the 500ml size and these too are now available at budget-busting prices. For instance, 100 will cost you £1.39 each, 250 £1.09 each and 500 only 99p…