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Branded Mugs: a key to brand awareness

By investing in branded mugs you will achieve repeated brand awareness. The tailor-made message on your printed mugs will remind those using them that your firm is well and truly in business. Promotional mugs and printed mugs will provide your business with the ability to integrate itself more in the lives of your customers.

Popular Marrow Branded mug
Marrow mugs are great branding vehicles for your message

The Versatility of Branded Mugs

It goes without saying that the first intended purpose of branded mugs is that of being used as a drinking vessel for coffee, tea or whatever may be your beverage of choice.

However, bear in mind the versatility of customised mugs. They can also be used in various ways both at home and in the office. Some of these uses include holding office accessories like scissors, paper clips and pens, and planters for seedlings. They can also be used as vases and candle holders for small size candles. They’re a great desktop billboard for your company. Who in their right mind would throw away a printed mug?

Versatile pen-pot mugs
Mug as a desktop pen-pot

Printed mugs are guaranteed

We have acknowledged that branded mugs are superb advertising vehicles for your company. Furthermore, mugs supplied by reputable companies, such as Stupid Tuesday, are also dishwasher and microwave safe. Tests show that mugs will withstand a minimum of 2000 dishwasher cycles. They remain intact and the branding colourfast even after repeated usage by customers. This longevity of printed mugs ensures long-term exposure of your brand and message.

Promotional mugs are value for money

Branded mugs represent a very effective use of your budget. This is especially so when purchased in bulk when the unit cost is lowered. Let’s remind ourselves what you get for your money:

  • Superb desktop billboards
  • Versatility that ensures maximum exposure of your brand
  • Long-life expectancy resulting in long-term sight of your message

So, we hope we have convinced you of the promotional benefits of branded mugs. To acquire your own please contact us.