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Enamel Mug Range Extended

We have introduced two new promotional enamel mug variations to our range.
Popularity of enamel mugs growing
Recent times have seen the popularity of enamel mugs grow tremendously. Once seen as a little ‘old fashioned’, enamel mugs have gained a new lease of life and it’s not hard to work out why.
They are perfect for camping, hiking, picnics, BBQs and many more outdoor activities. Virtually unbreakable, the mugs are manufactured from steel and thick enamel for extra durability yet are super lightweight.
Now there are three different types to choose from!
The first enamel mugs we introduced is the largest version. This type…


Enamel mugs for the outdoors

A brand new addition to the Mug Shop website is promotional enamel mugs, which are great for the outdoors.
For example, hiking, camping, picnics and BBQs. Robust and lightweight, enamel mugs are perfect for the rigours of outdoor life.
They’re also tough enough to withstand knocks and bumps. All the while, adding virtually nothing to the weight of a backpack.
These promotional enamel mugs come in white and several colours, black, red and dark blue, at an extra cost of 30p per mug.
The dimensions are a capacious 100mm x 90mm. This, combined with a large branding area of 150mm x 55mm, will…