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Why Promotional Mugs are a Great Corporate Gift This Christmas

Why Promotional Mugs are a Great Corporate Gift
As the festive season fast approaches, we take a look at why promotional mugs are a great corporate gift this Christmas. Currently, many business owners are thinking about how to reward employees for another year of hard work.
There is, of course, the obligatory office Christmas party, which gives everybody a chance to let their hair down. Lots of workplaces hold raffles and many have embraced the American ‘Secret Santa’ tradition as well.
Still, nothing beats a little treat from management as staff head home for the holidays. Promotional mugs are an ideal choice…


Join in with National Refill Day 2019

National Refill Day is taking place today, Wednesday 19th June. It’s a public awareness campaign that helps prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from polluting our streets and our oceans. 

The rise of reusable drinkware

Today, people are being encouraged to carry a reusable water bottle and refill on the go. The campaign asks the UK public if they’ve #GotTheBottle to prevent plastic pollution by switching from a single-use plastic bottle to a reusable one.

Show your support – use the hashtag

On social media, use #GotTheBottle to show what steps you’re taking to make a difference. If just 1 in 10 people in the UK refilled just once a week,…


New catalogue – great new printed drinkware!

Lo-cost Natural Take Out Mug

As we celebrate the launch of our brand new 2019-20 catalogue we take a look at the new branded drinkware that’s been added to our range.

With the huge current focus on reducing the circulation of single use plastics, our new range heavily features re-usable drinkware. There’s also a heavy focus on eco drinkware.

Drinkware for People on the go

Starting with the Lo-Cost Natural Take Out Mug. This 500ml capacity mug is great for people always on the go. It’s ideal if you’re a regular coffee shop visitor and like to use your own cup. Made from…


Mugs: Branded merchandise that stands the test of time

With the help of some recent BPMA research, we’ve been taking a look at how customers make the most of branded merchandise in their marketing campaigns.

The survey took place at Marketing Week Live in 2015. It was completed by attendees of the event, most of whom are regular buyers of merchandise for their respective organisations.

Raising Brand Awareness

The results of the research show that the vast majority (around 7 in 10) of marketers use merchandise to raise brand awareness. As popularity has increased over recent years, many believe it’s how branded merchandise helps make your brand memorable that really…


Your essential promotional mugs

There are mugs and there are mugs but our ‘Essential Promotional Mug Collection’ may be all you need. Here we list, in order of popularity, the best-selling mugs in the UK.
Cambridge mugs are No.1
The Cambridge is the stalwart of the essential promotional mugs market and it’s not difficult to see why. Cambridge mugs offer fantastic value for money. They’re also available in a wide range of coloured glazes, as well as white. With a big all-round print area and a large capacity of 330ml the Cambridge is a great platform for your brand.
Sparta promotional mugs are a close second


Accessorize your promotional mugs for maximum impact

Good quality, well designed and superbly printed mugs are what we’re all about. However, to make your branded mugs really stand out, why not accessorize your promotional mugs for maximum impact?
Stuff them with a t-shirt
Presenting a promotional mug with a matching and complementary t-shirt has become an increasingly popular and fun way to enhance clients’ messages and underline their brand. Round necked t-shirts work best in this regard. They’re usually made of lighter cloth that can be rolled-up or scrunched. Thus enabling them to fit nicely inside a promotional mug.
Imagine your customers’ delight when they open up your mailing…