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Make the most of your promotional mugs

Here at Stupid Tuesday’s Mug Shop we have innovative technologies and print processes to make sure you make the most of your promotional mugs. It’s this innovation that enables you to create a truly bespoke campaign, which your clients will want to keep for longer.

If a customer keeps the mug for longer, this means you’re more likely to see a return on your investment. This underlines the importance of investing in branded merchandise. The results are far more striking than with other conventional forms of advertising.

Endless possibilities with Photo Mugs

Endless Possibilities

PhotoMugs really do stand the test…


Creative Coloured Mugs

In general, promotional mugs offer a limited range of colour options. However, ColourCoat mugs provides a range of creative colours restricted only by your imagination.
An outstanding example of this is the Durham Inner Colour Coat mug. This allows you to match the inside of the mugs to your own corporate colour to perfectly reflect your logo.
Pantone matching offers a cornucopia of creative coloured Durham mugs. They’re available in both gloss and matt coatings to give a further edge to the fantastic branded, promotional Durham Inner ColourCoat mugs.
Call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk for further details and prices.
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Inner ColourCoat Mugs

Looking for a mug that’s different from the crowd? Well, look right here!
Our brand new range of Inner ColourCoat Mugs, as exemplified by the Durham version, will add a little ‘je ne said quoi’ to your next promotional push. That’s because the popular Durham mug is now available with a gloss pantone-matched inner which will perfectly reproduce your corporate colourways.
At the same time, the outside of the mug remains
white and can be screen-printed with your logo and strapline in the usual way, resulting in a unique mug that will certainly make folks sit up and take notice.
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ColourCoat Mugs add Ooomph

Recently introduced to our range, ColourCoat mugs can help you perfect your corporate campaign.
ColourCoat mugs enable you to match the colour of your next printed mugs to precisely that of your main corporate colour, making it truly belong to your company.
Now, you needn’t limit yourself to the standard colours on offer, just let us know your corporate pantone and we’ll ensure you new mug represents you in the best possible light.
The ColourCoat process may be applied to a wide range of shapes, including the popular Marrow (shown right), Cambridge, Sparta, Bell, Latte and Mini Durham, amongst others.
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All Change for Colour

ColourChange mugs can add a new dimension to your promotion.
Are you looking for something different for your upcoming promotional campaign? Something that will really ensure that you stand out from the crowd? Then, the Durham Satin ColourChange mug may be for you.
The Durham ColourChange mug is heat activated, so although it has the appearance of a plain, black mug, when your customer fills it with hot water, as if by magic your message is revealed, in full and glorious colour!
Speak to us on 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk for more information
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