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Make the most of your promotional mugs

Here at Stupid Tuesday’s Mug Shop we have innovative technologies and print processes to make sure you make the most of your promotional mugs. It’s this innovation that enables you to create a truly bespoke campaign, which your clients will want to keep for longer.

If a customer keeps the mug for longer, this means you’re more likely to see a return on your investment. This underlines the importance of investing in branded merchandise. The results are far more striking than with other conventional forms of advertising.

Endless possibilities with Photo Mugs

Endless Possibilities

PhotoMugs really do stand the test…


ColourFusion sets new standards for promotional mugs

ColourFusion Photo Mugs sets new standards for promotional mugs. They offer revolutionary printing process for stunning results.
To date, mug printing has its limits
Usually, printing onto mugs is limited by the proportion of the surface area that can be decorated. This is known as the ‘print area’.
More often than not, this results in unprinted areas. These are usually at the top and bottom and also in the area adjacent to the handle. Depending on your design, such limits may be frustrating.
ColourFusion Photo Mugs have unlimited print area for maximum impact
However, the new, revolutionary print process we call ‘ColourFusion‘ solves this…


Colour up your campaign with Dye Sublimation Mugs

Dye Sublimation Mugs offer you the opportunity to express yourself in full colour giving your company and your message maximum visual impact.
The range of Dye Sublimation Mugs is extensive and includes both straight-sided and tapered mug types, so there’s sure to be one to suit your individual needs.
Moreover, many of our Dye Sublimation Mugs, such as the best-selling, ever-popular Durham Photo Mug have a special, technical coating which protects the print for up to 1000 dishwasher cycles, up to 2000 in some cases.
To learn more about Dye Sublimation Mugs, prices or samples, call 01437 781978.
For more information on our…


Dye Sub Mugs at the Double!

We can deliver dye sublimation mugs in as few as just 3 days!
If you’ve left it a little bit late to get promotional, branded mugs in time for Christmas, then all is not lost as we can produce and deliver many dye sublimation mugs in 3 working days and others in just 5 days, dependent on stock availablity.
The dye sub process is the quickest print method for mugs, allowing multi-coloured designs and those incorporating photo images to be produced in one operation with just one origination charge.
Call us today on 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk to get your Christmas…


Stack up with Photo Mugs

Printed Photo Mugs are now available as stacking mugs.
The new Duraglaze Stacking PhotoMug is now on our website and featured in our catalogue for the very first time. Featuring the market-leading Duraglaze coating which renders the mugs capable of withstanding over 2000 dishwasher cycles, dye sublimation print means that the mugs may be printed all over.
Duraglaze Stacking PhotoMugs have a capacity of 305ml and stand 93mm tall with a diameter of 81mm.
Call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk for samples and/or prices.
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New low minimum on Durham Dye Sub mugs

We have now reduced the minimum order quantity on our best-selling full colour mug, the Durham.
Now, you can order as few as just one mug at an all-inclusive price that includes origination, packaging and delivery. For protection in the mail, the mugs are packed in double-walled, card mailers.
Other low quantities include 2, 4, 6, 12 or 18, ideal for special gifts for staff, awards, events involving a select few or for special promotions.
For details of this new deal, call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk
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TwoTone Mugs for Impact

Recently introduced Duraglaze TwoTone mugs make maximum impact.
Something a little different, our TwoTone mugs are available in 12 different colours and can be branded with a full colour photographic print.
We offer an exclusive collection of patent protected Duraglaze PhotoMugs, which have been independently tested to BS EN 12875-4 to over 2000 washes and confirmed 100% dishwasher proof. They simply will not fade.
For more information, prices or a sample call us on 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk
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