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Waitrose to stop using disposable coffee cups

Waitrose is to stop using disposable coffee cups in a move the supermarket says will save 52 million cups a year.

Around 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every year. Most of these are not recycled due to their plastic lining.

Disposable Coffee Cups mean free coffee!

Waitrose aims to remove disposable cups from all its stores by the Autumn of 2018. However, members of its loyalty programme will still be able to enjoy free coffee from self-service machines. This is, however, as long as they use their own reusable cup!

We have a great selection of reusable cups…


Reusable Takeaway Mugs fight the war on waste

Millions of takeaway coffee mugs are thrown away and go to landfill every year. Our range of reusable takeaway mugs can help reduce this waste mountain.

A nation of coffee drinkers

Britain has always been known as a tea drinking nation yet in recent times coffee has increasingly become the beverage of choice. Indeed, it’s a fact that British people drink more than 25,000,000 takeaway coffees every day! Every day that’s 25,000,000 cardboard cups that need to be disposed of.

What a waste!

What happens to this vast number of used takeaway cups? Well, the majority are thrown away and go to landfill;…


Americano – the perfect takeaway solution

The Americano range of takeaway mugs has grown!
A reusable solution
The Americano range of mugs is a great answer to the ever-growing mountain of paper takeaway mugs and cups churned out by the relentlessly-spreading coffee house and fast food establishments. Why? Well they can be used indefinitely, so when you next go to your favourite food outlet, take along your Americano and fill it up, aglow with the knowledge that you are contributing to the welfare of the environment.
Unrivalled selection
Such is the popularity of the Americano that it has spawned a a range of styles and sizes to suit a…


Price drop on Thermal Mugs

Popular Coloured Personalised Thermal Mugs see a drop in price and are now even better value!
Now’s a great time to invest in personalised travel mugs as there’s been a considerable drop in price, especially for the highly popular range of Coloured Thermal Mugs. What’s more, you can start with a modest purchase of just 50, to ‘test the water’, so to speak.
These mugs offer a great promotional opportunity. They’re especially popular at this time of year when thoughts turn to summer holidays and outdoor pursuits. Coloured Thermal Mugs are ideal for keeping your favourite beverage hot or cold. They…


Takeaway Mugs Help the Environment

Re-usable, branded takeaway mugs made from ceramic, acrylic, stainless steel or aluminium have grown in popularity in recent years as consumers become more and more aware of the environmental impact of the ubiquitous cardboard coffee cup.
The problem
Coffee-addicted Britain is leaving a mountain of toxic waste for the next generation as scientists warn it could take decades for paper cups from Starbucks, Pret a Manger and other chains to decompose. The environmental cost of the coffee-to-go culture has been highlighted amid growing concerns that much of the public wrongly believe the cups are recycled, when in fact they are dumped…


Stand up for Stadium Cups

Even if you don’t own a stadium, stadium cups may be just what you need.
Make sure that everyone goes home from your establishment with a customised stadium cup with your place’s name, address, phone number, and/or website so they’ll remember to visit you next Friday night!
Stadium cups are a great marketing tool to attract new and repeat customers. They’re also easy on the environment as they are reusable avoiding the wasteful landfill of one-use drinks containers.
Available in a wide range of see-through colours and a variety of capacities, Stadium Cups will offer great support to your next campaign.
Call 01437…


Your Favourite Beverage on the go

Insulated mugs are an ever-popular promotional item.
You’re in a rush, no time to sit at the kitchen table and drink your morning cuppa? It’s a familiar scenario but one to which we have the answer …
Our range of inslulated travel mugs offer the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle. Coming in stainless steel, coloured aluminium or plastic and with or without handles, our travel mugs are the ideal way to keep warm (or cold) your preferred early morning, afternoon or evening beverage.
The travel mugs may be printed from one colour right through to full colour and even photographic images…


Take it Away!

Takeway mugs are not only convenient but can be eco-friendly too.
Often called ‘travel mugs’ our range of takeaway mugs offers the perfect addition to the modern, on-the-go ‘grazing’ culture.
With or without handles the range features mugs with insulated walls designed to keep your chosen beverage hot or cold. In addition, they may also be viewed as eco-friendly as they can replace the throwaway cups and mugs so common at fast-food outlets.
Available in stainless steel, aluminium or acrylic, there’s a great selection for which to choose.
Call 01437 781978 for details or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk
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Introducing the Universal Thermal Beaker

The new Universal double walled plastic beaker is a brilliant way to promote your brand.
The Universal has a large print area and up to 10 mix and match colours and lids offering a great way to promote your brand. Manufactured in the UK, the Universal is lightweight, durable and reusable making it ideal for use whilst on the move or at your desk.
BPA free, the Universal is also dishwasher and microwave proof and the double wall design means your drink stays hot or cold whilst remaining comfortable to hold. The unique lid design allows you to dring directly from…


Americano Takeaway Mugs

The Americano Takeaway mugs have been around for a couple of years now but the range has been extensively expanded recently.
As well as the standard Americano Thermal Mugs there is now the Americano Grande, which comes with a handle and also full colour versions of each of these popular items.
Also new to the range are the Americano Primo Mug and the Medio Mug, both with full colour versions.
Call 01437 781978 or email sales@stupidtuesday.co.uk for more information on the Americano Range.
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