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Customised Mugs for long-term impact

Customised mugs offer permanency for your promotional campaign. Since they may last for many years, they will continue sending your message for a long time. In fact, every time logo mugs are in use your branding is on display. Recipients appreciate promotional mugs and printed mugs. This means you will enjoy many advertising opportunities every time customers use the mugs in the presence of other individuals.

Customised Mugs: a perfect branding vehicle

Branded mugs will act as a perfect promotional medium that is effective for your business and useful for the recipient. Logo mugs have a relatively large imprint area. Therefore, apart from imprinting your company name and logo on the mugs, you can also print a campaign message. Printing on both sides, on the inside and on the base is possible, maximising your brand.

Logo mugs to suit all budgets

Value for money is always important as is the budget allocated to your promotional campaign. This is where customised mugs offer great advantages. If your budget is limited, then an ‘entry level’ mug such as the earthenware Cambridge mug may be just what you’re looking for.

If, however, you have a little more to spend, then you may wish to go ‘up-market’. In this case perhaps you splash out on a classic, timeless bone china printed mug. These logo mugs will bring a touch of prestige to your campaign. They will be a valuable addition to your customers’ desk tops!

Splash out with full colour Photo Mugs

If you really want to make the most of your mug-based promo campaign look at photo mugs. These logo mugs come in both earthenware and bone china models. Of the earthenware, the Durham mug is the most popular. In bone china, the elegant Lyric leads the field. Photo mugs give you full colour print and all over coverage, maximising your message.

So there you have it. We have the ideal range of customised mugs to help your promotional campaign. Why not contact us to see how we can help you?