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Finishing touches can make all the difference

Printed, branded, logo mugs remain one of the UK’s most popular promotional items. So to make your mug stand out from those of your competitors, it is worth considering some added value features, such as the following:

Handle flashes

Handle flashes are produced by a single brush stroke along the width of a handle. This hand finished touch adds a special character to the product and may be achieved using precious metals or colour. Decorative handle flashes add a touch of class and elegance to promotional mugs, whether they be earthenware, bone china or porcelain and ensure a distinctive look and extra customer impact.


Banding is the addition of a coloured band to the rim of a promotional mug, particularly a colour at the heart of the main surface design This effect imparts style to what may seem an ordinary design and ensures enhanced impact and added value.


Backstamps are prints on the outside base of the mug. They can be used to put individual numbers on a limited edition run of promotional mugs or adding words, such as ‘bone china’, to reinforce the value of the item. Alternatively, backstamps may feature a unique logo or trademark to emphasise individual quality and style.

Inside print

Inside print is the application of print inside the promotional mug or cup. Used creatively, it can cleverly reinforce your brand or message by drawing the eye to it as the liquid goes down. Indeed, because it is achieved by adding a transfer, any surface can be decorated so there are also options, for example, for adding a telephone number, name, website or strapline.

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