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How our mugs are printed

There are several methods used to print mugs, the most common being screen printing. This process is used when the design is simple, there are no complex half-tones, and the registration is not over demanding.

Next comes transfer printing which is best when larger than average print is needed. It is often the best method for bone china mugs and when printing in four-colour process is necessary, very fine detail or tight registration is required.

A third method is digital printing in which an image is printed directly to a specially coated paper in process colour, using technology similar to an office laser printer. This is then cover-coated, becoming a water slide transfer which is applied to the ware. There are no screen costs, just an origination charge when the design is finalised.

Finally, we have dye sublimation which enables really accurate colour photographic reproduction. A four-colour high quality photo finish is possible with crystal clear results and really bright impact colours.

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