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How to choose branded promotional mugs

There’s lots of styles of mugs, several different materials from which they are made and a number of different printing methods that may be employed, so, which is the best mug for you?

What do I want from a branded promotional mug?

First of all you have to ask yourself, ‘what do I want my branded, promotional mug to do for me?’. If the answer is to spread your brand and message to a very wide audience, cheaply, then the obvious choice is a promotional earthenware mug, such as the best-selling Cambridge or Sparta, which is available at an entry-level cost and, therefore, is the ideal choice for inexpensive giveaways.

Bone china promotional mugs are sure to impress.

On the other hand, if the answer is that you wish to really impress your market or intend to target some of your more prestigious clients, then a more valuable mug is probably best to go for. In this regard, a fine bone china promotional mug, such as the elegant Ash or the timeless Balmoral, could be the ideal choice for you. Bone china mugs are more expensive than earthenware but offer the opportunity to promote your company at an ‘executive level’ whilst creating a really impressive impact.

What print method is best for my design?

Next comes the choice of print method. If your logo or design is a fairly simple one, consisting of spot colours with no colour blends, then the best, most cost-effective option is screen print. The results of this method are first class, very robust, colourfast and dishwasher proof. If however your image is more complex, detailed, multi-coloured or contains photo imagery then you should consider a method such as transfer printing or dye sublimation. Both methods produce vibrant results which, in most cases, are dishwasher-proof also.

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