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Mug Printing: the Commercial Benefits

Mugs are a ubiquitous presence in most offices, homes or wherever persons gather to conduct business. Whether for tea, coffee or some other preferred beverage, mugs are the common denominator. So, it almost goes without saying that mug printing that emblazons your company logo is an unrivalled way to communicate with customers.

Marrow mug printing
Midnight Blue Marrow mug printed with logo

Budgetary Benefits of mug printing

Mug printing is a very cost-effective way to spend your budget. If your monies are limited, choose a printed mug made from earthenware. If you have a little more to spend then perhaps a printed mug made from bone china will attract. The fact is, there is a very large range of options from which to choose. Low, medium or high priced logo mugs offer valued and memorable gifts to your customers.

Bone china a good example of mug printing
High-class bone china mug with logo

Promotional Benefits

As we said earlier, mugs are an essential part of business life. Therefore, if you commission mug printing with your logo you offer your customers a valued gift and one that will keep you in the forefront of their thoughts. Logo mugs are ideal to hand out at exhibitions and trade events. In addition, using specially designed packaging, you may send them remotely to your customers. This is especially important is these unprecedented times when face-to-face meetings are discouraged. Mugs may also be used to mark special occasions. At Easter, send mugs filled with mini-eggs. For Christmas, fill them with baubles. At this time, brighten up your customers with an unexpected, humorous mug. The opportunities for imaginative promotions are extensive.

Cambridge coronavirus mug
Coronavirus mug

In conclusion

We have seen how branded mugs are an ideal promotional tool for your company. We have also seen how the range of mug types and prices can fit most budgets, limited or not.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to see how mugs can be the best way to enhance to next campaign.