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Mugs: Branded merchandise that stands the test of time

With the help of some recent BPMA research, we’ve been taking a look at how customers make the most of branded merchandise in their marketing campaigns.

The survey took place at Marketing Week Live in 2015. It was completed by attendees of the event, most of whom are regular buyers of merchandise for their respective organisations.

Raising Brand Awareness

7 in 10 marketers use branded merchandise to raise brand awareness

The results of the research show that the vast majority (around 7 in 10) of marketers use merchandise to raise brand awareness. As popularity has increased over recent years, many believe it’s how branded merchandise helps make your brand memorable that really does the trick.

Something for all budgets

The majority of purchasers spend between £2k and £49k each year on branded merchandise

When it comes to annual spend, on average most spend between £2k and £49k per year on branded merchandise. 14% of those surveyed invest heavily, with over £50k per annum spent on merchandise.

This really helps to underline the value of investing in something that people will use and remember you by. When you compare this to other advertising mediums such as print, which may never even be seen, you can only begin to imagine how greater the return on investment could be.

Branded merchandise stands the test of time

Branded merchandise that stands the test of time

When asked what were the four main reasons for using merchandise, the results were particularly interesting. Merchandise that is unique and usable were key factors. People like to receive something that’s a little different, as well as something they can regularly use.

Quality is also an important factor. It reflects poorly on your brand if the item you’re giving away is not up to the job. This is something we here at Stupid Tuesday’s Mug Shop strongly believe in. All our drinkware is tested to stringent quality and safety standards.

Personalisation also plays a big part. With the advent of digital technology you can go beyond just have your brand on your mug. You can now even go to the extent of adding a name and unique message.

Why not take a look at our range and see how we can help raise brand awareness for your organisation?