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2016-09-18 23:00:00

You can help the environment by choosing reusable takeaway mugs.

A branded Takeaway Mug is an innovative and impressive promotional tool. Unique promotional items, Takeaway Mugs can be branded with your logo and are offered in a wide range of colours, some with handles some without. Folks use Takeaway Mugs when travelling or to and from work and in a multitude of other scenarios.

Takeaway Mugs are available in various materials; plastic, stainless steel, and even biodegradable materials all with an impressive amount of space for your company's logo and message. In addition, several offer wrap-around and CMYK printing to allow full colour or photographic imagery.

And, because these mugs are re-usable, it means they help the environment compared with the ubiquitous disposable mugs that end up littering our streets or in landfill.

Call 01437 781978 or email for additional information on Takeaway Mugs.

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Re-usable Means Eco-friendly