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2017-08-03 13:46:09

Summer's a great time to invest in reusable sports water bottles, especially with half-price origination!

Bottles of all shapes and sizes

We have a wide range of bottle sizes, so there's bound to be one to suit your needs. From the dinky 250ml 'Lunchboxer', right up to the massive 1 litre 'TopSport-Aqua', from the lightest to the most thirsty of drinkers, there's a bottle for all.


All our bottles are reusable and that means every time they are filled up one less disposable water bottle goes to landfill; superb for the environment.

Food-safe standards

In addition, the bottles are UK/EU food safety certificated, partly recycled, fully recyclable and ultimately biodegradable They contain no Bp-A or PET- phthalates, no PVC or metal salts and no triclosan They are also dishwasher safe.

Half-price origination

What's more, for the rest of the summer, we're offering half-price origination on all our bottles. This is worth 20 for every colour you print!

Contact us to order

Call 01437 781978 or email for prices, samples or to order.

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Reusable water bottles for the environment