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2017-01-20 13:18:40

A mug is a mug is a mug, right? Well, not if you become a little more creative ...

Here's 10 different ways to use a branded mug that have been reported to us by our some of our clients (in no particular order):

1. It seems that the most common use, other than as a drinking vessel, is as a desk tidy. Mugs can be found in most offices, sitting on folks' desks, acting as a perfect storage unit for all manner of items such as pens, pencils, paper clips, etc.

2. Next in line is the use of a promotional mug as a planter. Filled with a little gravel at the bottom for drainage, mugs are to be found containing all manner of plants, flowers, herbs, you name it!

3. Some of our clients have cleverly arranged for their mugs to be printed with a calendar on one side and their logo on the other. These mugs are serving as a desktop day to day reminder in offices up and down the land.

4. Some are used as marker boards too. In this instance clients have distributed our Chalk Mugs, which come with a piece of chalk so folks can write on the mugs their preference for sugar or milk in their drinks, or as a note when the next sales meeting is being held.

5. Quite a common way to use a promotional mug it seems is as a candle holder. Now, you can count me out when it comes to using a mug to hold a candle for a romantic dinner but during a power-cut is a different matter.

6. Many of our clients have used mugs as a 'goodie box', sending them to their customers filled with all manner of items - sweets, tea bags, packs of hot chocolate, even stuffing them with t-shirts. Feedback suggests this is a very successful way to increase awareness.

7. Mugs may even be found in some bathrooms as an excellent tidy for toothbrushes and toothpaste, razor and shaving stick and other bathroom essentials.

8. Promotional mugs are also used in the place of business cards, especially when visiting important new clients. Whilst a business card may well be filed under 'WPB' (waste paper bin) a mug printed in the style of a business card is sure to be retained and its giver well remembered.

9. Not content with occupying many bathrooms, some promotional mugs find their way onto many a kitchen worktop, where they serve as fine and handy receptacles for all manner of essential kitchen utensils.

10. And, finally, what better way to say thank you to a special client or loyal member of staff than with a mug, wrapped in cellophane and tied up with a ribbon. It's sure to raise a smile!

How do you use your mugs?

Let us know how you use your promotional mugs. We will publish the best ones and the most original will receive a special gift (no, not a mug!).

Call us on 01437 781978 or email with your suggestions.

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Ten alternative ways to use a promotional mug