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Packaging can make your promotional mugs even more special

Whether you need a robust packaging box for postal distribution of your promotional mugs or something fancier for presentation, there’s a solution for you.

Postal standard packaging keeps your promotional mugs safe.

So, now you have your great-looking branded promotional mugs, the question is how do you get them to your many customers in one piece. The obvious answer is to mail them to your client-base in robust, hard-wearing boxes which will withstand the rigours of the Royal mail. Postal or mailing boxes come in two materials. The safest for your mugs is moulded polystyrene, which is a solid block of polystyrene in two halves with an internal moulded section which perfectly fits the shape of a mug, holding it snuggly and safely as it travels through the post. Next there are double-walled cardboard boxes available in brown or white. These cardboard boxes come flat-packed so are a good option if you have limited storage space. Cardboard boxes are available to hold a single mug, four or six mugs.

Presentation boxes will make your promotional mugs even more special.

If you really want to make an impression when you hand out your branded promotional mugs then, rather than a utility postal box, you may wish to consider a better quality, more attractive presentation box. These are available in plain, smooth, white or coloured card or plain acetate and hold one mug. They add value when handing your mugs to customers at an exhibition, trade event or when you or your representatives are visiting clients.

Custom-printed boxes add real value.

To ‘go the extra mile’, you may wish to consider new, full colour presentation boxes. These boxes can be printed in a design of your choice, to perfectly match the design of your mug and your corporate branding and are guaranteed to make the recipient delighted with your gift of a promotional mug.

The benefits of retail packaging.

Finally, if you are intending to display and sell your mugs in a retail environment then, as well as the full colour presentation boxes referred to above, you may wish to evaluate the benefits of packaging your printed mugs in a clear, acetate box backed with a colour printed card to really make an impact and stand out of the shelves.

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