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Personalised mugs: put a name on it!

Personalised mugs are a unique way of increasing the value of your branded mugs to customers. By this we mean the printing of individuals’ names alongside your brand. Doing this will increase the value of your mug gift to customers as well as showing them you really care about their business.

How to personalise mugs

The best print method to achieve personalised mugs is the dye sublimation process. This may be applied to standard ceramic mugs, such as the Durham or Sparta. In addition, the process works with other styles of mug, such as the Universal takeaway mug and its variants.

With this print process, at the same time as you print your logo or design, you may include a person’s name – ‘Joe Bloggs’ for instance. This greatly increases the pleasure with which your customers receive your mugs. It also ensures that they will take special care of them. In this way, your brand will remain in front of your customer for a long time.

Want them individually boxed?

Once you have your mugs printed with your brand and individuals’ names what’s the best way to give them out. Well, the personal touch is always welcomed. So you could instruct your sales team to visit key customers and hand the personalised mugs over face to face.

However, in these pandemic-affected times this may not always be possible. Therefore, the next best thing is to pack them in individual mailing boxes and post them direct. In this way you may despatch them to individual addresses. This may not be quite so personal as a face to face meeting but it will still have great impact.

To conclude

Personalised mugs are an innovative and very special way to engage with your customers. You may have one, two or three mugs or a great many more depending on your specific requirements.

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