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Printed Mugs: Desktop Champions

Printed mugs are one of the most popular and most important elements of promotional campaigns in the UK and, indeed, further afield. As we say above, they are ‘Desktop Champions’. With them you can use your customers’ desktops as a hard-to-beat opportunity to promote your brand. No-one will refuse a well designed promotional logo mug. So, you’re on safe-ground when you choose branded mugs to head your promotion.

Multi-coloured designs are possible with some mugs

Which printed mug is right for me?

A good question, which requires a good answer. Your optimum mug choice depends on a number of factors. First, your…


Customised Mugs for long-term impact

Customised mugs offer permanency for your promotional campaign. Since they may last for many years, they will continue sending your message for a long time. In fact, every time logo mugs are in use your branding is on display. Recipients appreciate promotional mugs and printed mugs. This means you will enjoy many advertising opportunities every time customers use the mugs in the presence of other individuals.

Duraglaze photo mugs

Customised Mugs: a perfect branding vehicle

Branded mugs will act as a perfect promotional medium that is effective for your business and useful for the recipient. Logo mugs have a relatively large imprint…


Spread a Positive Message with our Coronavirus Mugs

Here at Mug Shop we’ve been thinking about how we can help to spread a positive Coronavirus message. In these difficult times for everyone, it’s really tough. However, we think we’ve come up with a range of products that could really do the trick.

We’ve created a series of Coronavirus mugs along the “Keep Calm and Carry On” theme. The idea being to help the nation (or indeed the world) stay positive throughout these unprecedented times.

Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Spread a positive message

“Keep Calm and Carry On” was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 in preparation…


Printed Promotional Ceramic Mugs

Printed promotional mugs or custom printed mugs remain to be one of the most popular promotional items available in the UK market. It’s not hard to see why! In this article, we will explore the reasons for this. Furthermore, branded mugs are one of our most popular lines.

We quite literally receive hundreds of enquiries for branded mugs each month. They’re useful, cost-effective and act as a constant reminder of your brand. It’s rare to hear of people not making use of printed mugs on their desk. Even if your logo on a promotional mug in front of someone…


Personalised Travel Mugs

Personalised travel mugs are the ‘go-to’ product for people on the move. And, as they are reusable, they help the environment by reducing the waste of throwaway cups. A travel mug is usually medium sized mug that has heat insulation capabilities. Additionally, their main purpose is to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Personalised travel mugs

Drinks on the move

The most obvious use of a personalised travel mug is for consuming beverages while travelling in a vehicle or walking. The mug is made such that the chances of spilling the drink are minimised. This is accomplished by the use…


Why do marketers purchase printed mugs?

Recent research by the BPMA has revealed some interesting facts. Not only about promotional merchandise but, more specifically, printed mugs.

Of the marketers quizzed in the survey, a whopping 74% use promotional merchandise as a brand aware tool. That’s really worth thinking about as part of your marketing mix.

Printed mugs should form part of your marketing budget

How do you currently focus the majority of your marketing budget? The likelihood is you spend a good chunk of it on printed or digital marketing. The beauty of promotional merchandise as a brand awareness tool is it’s constantly in front of people….


Why Promotional Mugs are a Great Corporate Gift This Christmas

Why Promotional Mugs are a Great Corporate Gift
As the festive season fast approaches, we take a look at why promotional mugs are a great corporate gift this Christmas. Currently, many business owners are thinking about how to reward employees for another year of hard work.
There is, of course, the obligatory office Christmas party, which gives everybody a chance to let their hair down. Lots of workplaces hold raffles and many have embraced the American ‘Secret Santa’ tradition as well.
Still, nothing beats a little treat from management as staff head home for the holidays. Promotional mugs are an ideal choice…


Join in with National Refill Day 2019

National Refill Day is taking place today, Wednesday 19th June. It’s a public awareness campaign that helps prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from polluting our streets and our oceans. 

The rise of reusable drinkware

Today, people are being encouraged to carry a reusable water bottle and refill on the go. The campaign asks the UK public if they’ve #GotTheBottle to prevent plastic pollution by switching from a single-use plastic bottle to a reusable one.

Show your support – use the hashtag

On social media, use #GotTheBottle to show what steps you’re taking to make a difference. If just 1 in 10 people in the UK refilled just once a week,…


New catalogue – great new printed drinkware!

Lo-cost Natural Take Out Mug

As we celebrate the launch of our brand new 2019-20 catalogue we take a look at the new branded drinkware that’s been added to our range.

With the huge current focus on reducing the circulation of single use plastics, our new range heavily features re-usable drinkware. There’s also a heavy focus on eco drinkware.

Drinkware for People on the go

Starting with the Lo-Cost Natural Take Out Mug. This 500ml capacity mug is great for people always on the go. It’s ideal if you’re a regular coffee shop visitor and like to use your own cup. Made from…


Make the most of your promotional mugs

Here at Stupid Tuesday’s Mug Shop we have innovative technologies and print processes to make sure you make the most of your promotional mugs. It’s this innovation that enables you to create a truly bespoke campaign, which your clients will want to keep for longer.

If a customer keeps the mug for longer, this means you’re more likely to see a return on your investment. This underlines the importance of investing in branded merchandise. The results are far more striking than with other conventional forms of advertising.

Endless possibilities with Photo Mugs

Endless Possibilities

PhotoMugs really do stand the test…