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Printed Photo Mugs: full colour impact

Printed Photo mugs, also known as dye sub mugs, add colourful impact to promotional campaigns. They offer you the opportunity to express yourself in full colour. Thus, your company and your message achieve maximum visual impact. Such mugs are ideal for full colour designs, including photos, and brand logos. This treatment gives your brand great exposure and impact.

Dye sub mug
Colourful, durable Duraglaze photo mug

Printed Photo Mugs: Large print areas

Conventional screen-printing of mugs normally occupies only a part of the outer surface. In contrast, you may print Photo Mugs over the majority of the outer surface. Indeed, in some cases you may print the entire outer surface, including the handle and base with the ‘Colour Fusion’ print process. This is a revolutionary process that enables you to really express yourself. The result is a printed photo mug with unique promotional properties. Clearly, to display compex, full colour designs this type of printed photo mug is ideal. The same is true if you wish to show a photographic image in all its glory.

Photo mugs printed in Colour Fusion
Colour Fusion Photo Mugs

Imagine the impact on your customers, existing and prospective. They are sure to be impressed when your printed mug arrives to grace their office desk. Not only this but they will be constantly reminded of your company and its services.

Budgeting information

Although dye sub mugs have massive impact, there is a range of prices to suit most budgets. At the entry level is the Budget Durham Photo Mug. However, this mug has many of the advantages to which we have alluded above, for example, large print area.

Entry level budget photo mug
Budget Photo Mug: entry level

Above this is a large selection of full colour mugs at varying price points. Colour Fusion mugs are the most expensive but there are many choices in between.

To sum up

If you want promotional products that achieve maximum impact with your customers. Or if you want a product that customers will value. And you want a product that is available at a price to suit most budgets. Then, look no further than Printed Photo Mugs.

For more information on prices and design capability or if you require a sample, contact us.