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Printed Promotional Ceramic Mugs

Printed promotional mugs or custom printed mugs remain to be one of the most popular promotional items available in the UK market. It’s not hard to see why! In this article, we will explore the reasons for this. Furthermore, branded mugs are one of our most popular lines.

We quite literally receive hundreds of enquiries for branded mugs each month. They’re useful, cost-effective and act as a constant reminder of your brand. It’s rare to hear of people not making use of printed mugs on their desk. Even if your logo on a promotional mug in front of someone doesn’t instantly strike a chord, you can be sure it will do at some point.

Custom Printed Mugs offer great brandability

Most of the printed promotional mugs on offer have large printed areas, extending to both sides. This ‘wraparound’ branding ability means your logo will really stand out on a customers desk. Furthermore, the print colours can be precisely matched to your corporate colours, ensuring conformability to brand guidelines. Some types of print are explained below.

Screen printed ceramic mugs

Screen printing of Printed Promotional Ceramic Mugs is the most widely used for several good reasons. It is reliable, accurate and also faithfully reproduces corporate colours. In addition, the finished result is dishwasher and microwave proof. Colourfast for the life of the mugs. The limitation is that screen print is suitable for spot colours only.

Dye sublimation printed mugs

Printed Promotional Ceramic Mugs printed using the dye sublimation process are often called ‘Photo Mugs‘. The reason for this is that this print process is ideal for photographic images and also those with multi-colours. The advantage that mugs printed this way have over screen printed ones is that the print area is normally bigger. In fact, print areas often cover almost the whole outer surface of the mug.

In conclusion

We’re confident to state that Printed Promotional Ceramic Mugs are an ideal campaign vehicle. If you’re keen to learn more, call us on 01437 781978.