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Printed Recycled Mugs: the eco option

‘Recycled’, ‘recyclable’ and ‘sustainable’ have become modern watchwords. Printed recycled mugs, which are reusable time and again, have therefore gained in popularity. In the office, home or whilst traveling around, there are suitable versions of these eco-friendly mugs. Choosing the right eco-mug for you is easy as we will attempt to explain.

Eco-friendly mugs: in the office and home

Traditional mugs are made from earthenware, bone china or porcelain. They have long been staples in the office and at home. However, now there are many eco-friendly mugs options. These are made from a variety of environmentally-friendly materials. Some of these are printed recycled mugs, others derived from sustainable sources.

Within this category are printed recycled mugs made from plastic. Others use sustainable materials such as wheat fibre, coffee husk and bamboo.

All these mugs, as well as carrying great eco-credentials are long-lived. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Print remains colourfast throughout their usable life.

Environmentally-friendly mugs: ‘on the go’

Until recently nobody thought about the effect of throwaway coffee cups of paper and plastic on the environment. However, now a different mindset has taken hold. Once it became clear of the damage a throwaway lifestyle was having, we started to take steps to alter it.

As a result, reusable mugs made from a variety of materials are now used by many people. This offers companies an excellent opportunity to use recycled mugs, of the takeaway variety, to display their branding.

Reusable, takeaway, printed recycled mugs are available made from a variety of materials. This can be bamboo, coffee husk, sustainable paper and biodegradable plant material.

Printed recycled mugs: making sense

In conclusion, drinking from printed recycled mugs is eco-friendly. Also reusability makes sense both for the welfare of the planet and our pockets!

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