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70% of Marketers use Promotional Tools for Brand Awareness

In the view of marketers, a quality promotional product that is memorable is the key to campaign success.

Where are promotional products used?

There are several ways in which promotional items are used and they are as follows:
Brand awareness – 74%
Exhibitions, seminars or conferences – 59%
Direct mail campaign – 19%
Incentive programmes – 15%
Recognition programmes – 9%
Such a wide spread of usage shows just how flexible are promotional products, coming as they do in a massive range of guises and in a range of prices to suit most budgets.

What creates a successful product?

When marketers were asked what aspects of a promotional product they look for, research recorded the following results:
Quality – 81%
Memorable – 71%
Relevance – 69%
Usefulness – 65%
Long desk life – 31%

What are the most popular promotional products?

When questioned about which type of promotional products, marketers indicated the following:
91% chose ballpens
66% went for bags
66% took on electronic items
61% purchased clothing
10% opted for notepads.

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