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Reusable Takeaway Mugs fight the war on waste

Millions of takeaway coffee mugs are thrown away and go to landfill every year. Our range of reusable takeaway mugs can help reduce this waste mountain.

A nation of coffee drinkers

Britain has always been known as a tea drinking nation yet in recent times coffee has increasingly become the beverage of choice. Indeed, it’s a fact that British people drink more than 25,000,000 takeaway coffees every day! Every day that’s 25,000,000 cardboard cups that need to be disposed of.

What a waste!

What happens to this vast number of used takeaway cups? Well, the majority are thrown away and go to landfill; in fact it’s estimated that we throw away 5000 of these cups EVERY MINUTE! Very few are recycled, something amounting to just 1 cup in every 400.

Reusable mugs can help

One answer to this is for individuals to acquire reusable, thermal insulated mugs which may be used and refilled time after time, washed and used again. The Mug Shop has a wide range of such mugs from which to choose.

Universal Double Walled Plastic Beaker

One such is the Universal Double Walled Plastic Beaker (see link below). Manufactured in the UK, the Universal is lightweight, durable and reusable making it ideal for use on the move or at your desk. Perfect for hot or cold drinks and it’s BPA free. Mix and match colours of bodies and lids.


Another best-seller is the Americano Thermal Mug. Manufactured from double-walled polypropylene the mugs is hard wearing and double layered ensuring drinks stay warm, or cold longer.

Call us for more information

The Universal and Americano are just two reusable mugs from our range. Call us for details or to discuss other options.

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