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Takeaway Mugs Help the Environment

Re-usable, branded takeaway mugs made from ceramic, acrylic, stainless steel or aluminium have grown in popularity in recent years as consumers become more and more aware of the environmental impact of the ubiquitous cardboard coffee cup.

The problem

Coffee-addicted Britain is leaving a mountain of toxic waste for the next generation as scientists warn it could take decades for paper cups from Starbucks, Pret a Manger and other chains to decompose. The environmental cost of the coffee-to-go culture has been highlighted amid growing concerns that much of the public wrongly believe the cups are recycled, when in fact they are dumped in the green bin in the office or the recycling bin on the street.

Switch disposable coffee cups for reusables, urge campaign groups

In fact, while the paper can be recycled, the problem arises because recycling plants do not have the facility to remove the plastic lining which makes the cups impermeable. The high quality paper used in coffee cups can take up to two years to break down and then it produces methane gas which is probably not collected.

Estimates are that there may be as many as 5 billion cups in circulation when caterers, hotels, restaurants such as McDonald and shops such as Waitrose and Greggs are taken into account.

The Solution

So, what’s the alternative?

Well, as stated earlier, re-usable promotional takeway mugs made from ceramic, acrylic, stainless steel or aluminium can offer an environmentally-freindly option. Made from robust materials and printed with your brand, these takeway mugs will last indefinitely and be used again and again if taken care of and avoid the potential environmental hazards associated with our throw-away culture. It may only be a small contribution but ‘every little helps’ as someone once said.

Our Takeaway Mugs

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