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Takeaway mugs: reusable

Takeaway mugs, also known as ‘personalised travel mugs’, are now very popular. Environmental concerns have dictated that their throw-away counterparts are no longer acceptable. They are manufactured from several types of material and come in a variety of sizes. In addition, they are available at prices to meet a range of budgets.

Universal takeaway mug
Takeaway reusable mugs

Takeaway mugs are eco-friendly

Takeaway mugs are very environmentally-friendly. First, they may be refilled time and again. This avoids the waste for throw-away coffee cups. Secondly, some are made from natural recyclable materials. Bamboo fibre and other plant materials are most common.

These environmental benefits are very relevant and the need for them is clearer every day. For example, unprecedented flooding in the UK and ice caps melting at the poles are clear evidence of global warming. It befits all of us to ‘do our bit’. Using reusable drinks vessels is a small yet positive way to do so.

Five reasons to switch to reusable mugs

  1. Takeaway mugs that are reusable help to reduce plastic waste. They are designed to last for years if cared for properly. Most can be recycled when they eventually wear out.
  2. Save money at coffee shops. Many coffee shops offer a discount if you use your own mugs.
  3. They are relatively inexpensive when measured against their long-life potential.
  4. Keep drinks hot for several hours. Ideal if you are ‘on the go’.
  5. Reduce leaks and spills. Most have a tight fitting lids with a sliding cover.
Bamboo mug
Takeaway Bamboo mug

Branding potential

Apart from the great eco-benefits expounded above, Takeaway Mugs also have excellent branding potential. With large print areas available in most ranges, your logo and message will stand out. Furthermore, personalised travel mugs are used over and over again. This ensures your brand will repeatedly impact the minds of your customers.

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