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Why do marketers purchase printed mugs?

Recent research by the BPMA has revealed some interesting facts. Not only about promotional merchandise but, more specifically, printed mugs.

Of the marketers quizzed in the survey, a whopping 74% use promotional merchandise as a brand aware tool. That’s really worth thinking about as part of your marketing mix.

Printed mugs should form part of your marketing budget

How do you currently focus the majority of your marketing budget? The likelihood is you spend a good chunk of it on printed or digital marketing. The beauty of promotional merchandise as a brand awareness tool is it’s constantly in front of people. Also, there’s little or even no risk of your logo not being seen. This can’t be said with other forms of advertising.

Horta Blue Printed Mugs
Printed mugs with your logo, the perfect desk item

Take a look at the five main reasons marketers specified as being the reason for their purchase:

  • 81%: Quality of product
  • 71%: Memorable
  • 69%: Relevance
  • 65%: Usefulness
  • 31%: Long desk life

As far as these five main factors are concerned, printed mugs cover all bases. They’re a quality item that can be memorable and relevant if used correct as part of your campaign. Usefulness is a given where mugs are concerned. Additionally, long desk life is a certainty.

Mugs are purchased by the majority of marketers

Almost two thirds (62%) of those asked have purchased printed mugs as part of their promotional merchandise spend. Surprisingly, that’s more than promotional clothing, which came out at 61%.

The value of having your logo on a mug in front of your client on a daily basis clearly isn’t lost on the majority of marketers. However, here at Mug Shop, we feel this figure should be even higher!

  • 74%: Brand awareness giveaways
  • 59%: Exhibitions, conferences and seminars
  • 19%: Direct mail campaigns
  • 15%: Incentive programmes
  • 9%: Recognition programmes

Drilling further down into the research we see that 59% of marketers purchased products for seminars and conferences. 19% chose promotional merchandise for direct mail campaigns as their reason for purchasing. Meanwhile 15% specified incentive programmes and a further 9% for recognition programmes.

Results show that marketers are no mugs

The results are really interesting, particularly from a printed mugs perspective. All of the reasons specified for purchasing promotional merchandise apply to mugs, from quality down to long desk life.

Pantone matched printed mugs
Pantone matched/ColourCoat Printed Mugs

Furthermore, printed mugs can be used for all of the types of marketing specified in the survey results. From brand awareness giveaways down to incentive and recognition programmes.

It’s clear to see that mugs really are the perfect item to choose. Why not speak to the mug experts here at Mug Shop to see how we can help you?

We’ll help you choose the perfect product to suit your budget and requirement. We can even create your artwork for you within the quoted price.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our products, request a quote and start the ball rolling today.