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Why Promotional Mugs are a Great Corporate Gift This Christmas

Why Promotional Mugs are a Great Corporate Gift

As the festive season fast approaches, we take a look at why promotional mugs are a great corporate gift this Christmas. Currently, many business owners are thinking about how to reward employees for another year of hard work.

There is, of course, the obligatory office Christmas party, which gives everybody a chance to let their hair down. Lots of workplaces hold raffles and many have embraced the American ‘Secret Santa’ tradition as well.

Still, nothing beats a little treat from management as staff head home for the holidays. Promotional mugs are an ideal choice because everybody has a use for one and they can be produced quickly and in large quantities.

Balmoral Bone China Mugs

In fact, branded mugs are the perfect corporate gift this Christmas. They’re practical, personal, and can be used for years to come.

Keep reading to find out why your company should be giving the gift of promotional mugs this Christmas.

The Professional Choice

There are some important rules that business owners must follow when selecting corporate gifts. All tokens of goodwill have to be professional and appropriate, above all else. It’s okay for interoffice gift giving to get a little silly before the holidays, but management is advised to remain neutral. That said, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t inject the brand’s personality into the design!

Branded mugs are a wonderful option because they are such an inclusive item. No matter what your gender, religion, or background, you’re going to have a use for one.

Gifting on a Large Scale

Promotional itemsAsh Bone China Mugs also make it easy for larger departments to hand out corporate gifts. Christmas is an expensive affair for businesses, even without factoring in the cost of presents. It can also be an extremely hectic time, so the best gifts are those that can be produced with as little fuss as possible.

It couldn’t be easier to order high quality branded mugs for the whole office. All you have to do is email us with your company logo or design and the number of mugs that you need.

Keeping It Practical

Another reason why promotional mugs are a great corporate gift this Christmas. Think about it. What other corporate gift is guaranteed to get as much use as a mug with a cool design? There’s a reason why this is the most popular type of promotional product. Branded mugs and cups always find a use – we can never have too many and they hang around in our kitchens for years. So, for practical value alone, you’re on to a winner. Plus, with promotional mugs, you don’t need to spend precious time before the holidays trying to pick a gift which suits 50 different personalities.

Bringing the Team Together

Duraglaze Rim & Handle Photo MugsIf all of this weren’t enough, don’t forget branded gifts are an affectionate reminder that your employees belong to a tight-knit team. It is always nice to feel like part of a warm, inclusive community, especially at Christmas, and nothing says togetherness like a shared token.

It might seem like a small gesture, but it fosters unity and togetherness. Little gifts and rewards make employees feel appreciated. Plus, by opting for a promotional design, you’re contributing to the creation of a strong, cohesive brand narrative.

Why Promotional Products Are the Right Way to Gift This Christmas

While Christmas gift giving shouldn’t be all about promotion, branded items like mugs and cups tick a number of important boxes for business owners. They are professional, attractive, and highly practical.

They suit all kinds of personalities and if you’ve got a large department, catering for everybody won’t break the bank. There are all kinds of shapes and designs on offer, so you’ll be spoiled for choice this festive season.

What more reasons would you need to understand why promotional mugs are a great corporate gift this Christmas?

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